International Connection Group specializes in leveraging our experience and extended international network  to supply the best in international project management and sourcing services. With our deep rooted connections and expertise in the overseas manufacturing process, our bread and butter is product sourcing, but we also manage logistics, build supply chains, and partner with foreign companies for a large variety of overseas projects. With connections and resources in over 30 different countries, we can combine any number of services to deliver high quality results on time and within scope and budget.

Working with ICG reduces the risk of wasted time and money, and also greatly minimizes the stress commonly associated with dealing and communicating with overseas vendors and foreign cultures. We utilize proven risk mitigation practices that allow you to breathe easy and focus on marketing and growing your business. Unlike many of our competitors, our mother tongue is English, and clear concise communication is our MO, so you will always know what is happening with your project.

ICG is committed to the success and satisfaction of each of our partners, so if you haven’t considered leveraging the international community to drive efficiencies or develop new products, contact ICG today for a free consultation and proposal.


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