Product Development

  • Transform your concepts into salable items
  • Have your napkin sketched ideas professionally designed into factory ready documents with the most up-to-date software
  • Continuous communication with manufacturer, with proof of concept every step of the way
  • 3-D design images of your ideas to bring your creation to life

Success is our Passion:

We love to transform our clients needs and ideas into actionable plans to create products that are marketable and salable. In a way, your success is our success.

We work as a team:

Our culture is collaborative and team-oriented. Not only do we love building long lasting business relationships with our clients, but we know that by interacting as a team we get to blend your insights, experience, and perspectives with our overseas production and supply chain expertise to create a product that is much more likely to be successful.

We are careful with the words ‘no’ and ‘impossible’:

We believe that there are very few things in this world that are impossible, but we understand that to achieve more complicated goals the costs and time can grow significantly. We work with you to find the perfect balance between product market fit and manufacturing feasibility.

Iteration = No Problem:

One of the keys to a new product is iterating designs to find the ideal product market fit. We can help with all background related tasks that come with iterating product designs. With our ever-increasing network of vetted and approved suppliers and manufacturers, sudden changes in product development can be smoothed and taken in stride.

Offshore R&D and Design:

Along with domestic designers, we are also able to leverage highly skilled foreign designers to help with product development work. We blend our project management expertise with our production knowledge, and use network based referrals to discover underutilized talent to cost effectively develop and complete the design work for your project. The savings from offshoring your design work can now be available for use in other areas to help your business grow even faster.

Speed to Market:

One of the biggest challenges with taking on a project overseas is managing lead time and making sure that you are able to capture the early-mover advantages of getting your product to market quickly. It is definitely worth utilizing our experience to save you time in getting your product produced.

Growth and Margins:

Working with ICG offers you the chance to develop new products that can drive growth, as well as ensure that you are getting great ROI on your dollars spent. We can help you improve your margins on existing products or aid in the design and development of entirely new products to be cost effectively manufactured by reputable and high quality manufacturers.


Incorporated into every step of the product development process is a profound understanding of what to expect from manufacturers in terms of quality. ICG uses their manufacturing experiences when developing new products and prioritizes quality as one of the key factors. Having worked with many different factories overseas gives us the benefit of knowing how to read between the lines when it comes to predicting quality of a new manufacturing facility. Understanding this in the early stages of product development minimizes the risk and added costs of finding out in the latter part of process that the chosen manufacturer didn’t meet their promise on quality.

Proof of Product

One principle we never deviate from to is to have every proof and design fully approved by our clients before any production begins. This practice ensures nothing has gone into production that may not be acceptable.

Be ahead of the pack – Get your product on the shelves first

Researching, contacting and building relationships with suppliers is time consuming. With our vast network and proven vetting practices, contracting the right supplier for you is our specialty. Delivering to you, the right product ahead of the competition.

Protect your Intellectual Property

Your patents and intellectual property are your assets. We ensure they are well protected. We take the time to abide by strict regulations and laws to protect you. With well-written non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), we ensure all your assets are fully protected. You will not see your product or ideas popping up online or in any store.