Project Management


According to WRIKE, only 56% of project managers are certified. ICG project managers all have, at a minimum, basic certifications in project management and supply chain management from accredited organizations.

Structured Approach:

We treat everything as a project so that we are able to define, analyze, quote, and manage the work we do with you in a clear, concise and communicable way.


We understand that business is largely about ROI and budgetary concerns are paramount. We are experts in breaking down the costs of a project, estimating a budget, and even fully developing an estimated ROI for you. We are selling value in the form of dollars, not just services that consume dollars.


There are project managers, and then there are ICG Project Managers. Every PM in the International Connection Group is certified and experienced in managing projects across borders. Most of our Project managers have spent greater than 5 years living abroad and understand the challenges associated with cross culture communication and business practice.


Well intended overseas projects can fail if they do not meet local conditions due to language and cultural differences. ICG has the ability to pull all the pieces together with a local feel to overcome any challenges that arise due to lack of cultural understanding.

Time Management:

We work hard to predict and manage time in all of our projects. One of the most challenging aspects of working on projects overseas is the difference in time it takes to execute than in your home country. We work hard to properly estimate and communicate realistic time expectations and develop key milestones to keep us on track throughout the project.

Maintain Control:

Although your are our client, we make sure that you have a role as a member of our project team so that your voice, needs, and opinions are considered through every step of project planning and execution. We only cross critical milestones with your approval. We want to ensure that you are happy with the final result of the project. After all, you are the one paying for it.

Calm under pressure:

No matter how good at planning you are, there are moments in any project where things do not go as planned. During these times, ICG project managers lean on their experience to coach you through sometimes difficult decisions and give you the best options for moving forward and getting the project back on track. With out international network, we can literally work around the clock to get issues ironed out.

Local Feel Global Reach.

With our North American heritage, time living abroad, and our vast international network, ICG provides clients with the accessibility and support of a local firm with the strength, stability and resources of the global economy. We make working overseas feel like working with a company down the street.