No Experience Necessary:

ICG will take walk you through the entire process and ensure that you do not get affected by any of the common pitfalls associated with vendors from overseas.

Beyond China:

In case you haven’t heard, China is becoming relatively expensive. Our network goes beyond the great wall and leverages arbitrage opportunities and reduced costs in other Asian and developing countries. We have worked hard to differentiate ourselves from other sourcing consultants by focusing on building a diverse international network of reliable and quality suppliers.

Maximum Control:

We understand the very real risks your company is taking when working with an overseas supplier or vendor. Because of that we try to always be in control of where, when, and in what condition your project is in. We help manage all budgets, time, and quality concerns through every step of the process.

Quality, Quality, Quality:

Over the years, ICG has developed a proprietary vetting process and supplier report card. Any time that we are working with a new vendor, we subject them to a wide variety of tests and verifications. By frequently updating and performing a complete analysis of new and known suppliers, we ensure that surprises are kept to a minimum. With over 20 years of combined experience working and living in Asia, we have mastered the art of pulling information from suppliers that help us get a clear picture of their business practices.


In today’s social and interconnected business world, one unethical action can mean the destruction of an entire brand. No business can afford to be dragged through the muck. That is why we take many extra precautions to make sure that there are no poisons, sweatshops, or shady business practices happening behind the scenes in manufacturing your products. If the integrity of your supply chain is of importance to your brand we also provide an indepth analysis that can be used for marketing.


As with any information sharing, there is always a risk of someone stealing your ideas or intellectual property. We go to great lengths to minimize that risk. As part of our supplier vetting and contract negotiation and information disclosure practices, we

Having language and cross-culture business experience, along with a vast professional network, give us the tools needed to easily visit the factories to ensure all documentation is as stated


There is nothing more nerve-racking than wondering if your investment into using a new factory will pay off. We work with you to spell out expectations between costs and quality and present these details in a professional, easy to understand way.

Lifelong partner:

We know that if your first project is a big success, then it is likely you will continue working with us. If we fail to deliver, it affects our reputation and ruins our chances to be a part of the next project. This perspective drives us to make sure that we keep our promises and do what we can to complete your project on time and within scope and budget. When you work with us, we treat your business as our own.